Blog Communication

Whether you’re a pet owner, foster for a rescue group, animal caretaker or an overall animal lover, many of us take on the responsibility of caring for pets in order to provide them with the best chance at living long and fulfilled lives. Getting to know an animal is like any other relationship, however it can be a little more challenging, especially in the beginning, since we need to pay close attention to how they are communicating with us. Much like a newborn baby, since animals cannot speak for themselves, we serve the role of being their voice and translating and understanding their needs and wants. We become their advocates, and as such try to protect them from harm and help them to grow and thrive.

In the veterinarian world, many years of painstaking studies and involvement with a myriad of animal species allows for a more in depth awareness of how animals communicate, along with the ability to treat them accordingly. These professionals take an oath to work as champions for animals and tirelessly pursue new research and technologies to continue to hone their skills, and to serve as the best advocates for them.

With that in mind, while you’re building a bond with your pet, it is strongly advised that you also build a relationship with your veterinarian. This will allow them to get to know both you and your pet and monitor any behavior changes they might see, as well as to provide recommendations to keep your pet happy and healthy throughout their lifetime.

It is also a good idea to consider working with a trainer to ensure you’re building the best communication skills with your pet. Depending on their personality and breed traits, training can be very useful to assist your pet with functioning on the highest level with other animals, and with people with whom they may come into contact.

As veterinarians, pet owners and fellow animal lovers, the Value Pet Meds team is familiar with all facets of human and animal relationships. We believe in fostering the bonds between people and pets and are proud to serve as advocates when it comes to maneuvering the great big world of pet products.We’re excited to build a relationship with you and your pet and look forward to providing you with the tools and information you need to make the best choices for caring for your pets.